United Tactical Roleplay

Welcome to the United Tactical San Andreas Multiplayer Roleplaying Wiki! On this wiki, some pages are listed as IC, which means your character can access that information, and it is usable to you, and OOC, which is used for roleplaying guides, information, the server and updates!

Characters will all be IC, and they will only appear if they are worthy, for example, if this was real, would you find your character on Wikipedia? Please do not create a page for your character without permission from administrators! Events, for example, an aviation disaster, riot, or something large scale will be listed as IC, please do not create an event that happened to you, your business, or a location, can be created by you, and you are more then welcome to!

If you create a IC page, please use only things you would say in-game, your character is the one writing the page, not you, but write professionally, with good grammar, or your page may be removed! Another method is imagine your or your friends character reading that, would he understand it?

If you create an OOC page, then make sure it is clearly marked!

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