Los Santos Skyline.

Los Santos (Spanish: The Saints) is the second biggest city in the U.S. it is most famous for Vinewood, which is considered the heart of the Movie Making Industry. The local police force is the Los Santos Police Department, it is known also as LS. It is the biggest city in San Andreas. Nicknamed the City Of Saints, Los Santos inhabitients are called Saints. It is a world center of international trade, business, movies, and diverse arts and culture. It is also nicknamed "Entertainment Capital Of The World!" not to be confused with Las Venturas's motto, "Live Entertainment Capital Of The World!" Los Santos hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics. Los Santos also hosts a wide range of political events, from the 2012 Presidential Campaign to the Stage Of Speech And Arts in Pershing Sqaure, the current mayor of Los Santos is Joseph Stark and the current Vice mayor of Los Santos is Michael Toretto.

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