Los Santos Skyline.

Joseph Stark is the current Governing Mayor of Los Santos, he was born in 1988 to Anthony and Maria Stark, Joseph Stark has one sibling, Robert Stark, Joseph Stark took office in 2012 with his vice mayor, Michael Toretto.

Early LifeEdit

Joseph Stark was born on December 5th, 1988 in a small house in West Los Santos, Joseph Stark went a Public School, "Rodeo Elementry School " and often recieved top grades, he was often popular with other children, especially those who were born to famous parents, where he met his now-best friend and vice mayor, Michael Toretto, the two of them quickly became great friends and in High School, he studied Politics as a profession. Joseph Stark went to UCLS to Study Politics and graduated with a Major alongside Michael Toretto.

Introduction To PoliticsEdit

Joseph Stark quickly adapted to the world of politics and met very famous politicians, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the former two now competing against each other in the 2012 Presidential Election, Joseph Stark learned a lot from his early years in politics and learned a lot about other Government Property in the city, such as the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos Emergency Department. Joseph Stark is a Liberterian.

2008 City Of Los Santos ElectionEdit

Joseph Stark and Michael Toretto competed together in the 2008 City Of Los Santos Election but lost to Republician Leader, who overall was considered a horrible mayor.

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